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What is IronBot

IronBot is a DIY robot-learning kit, which can be assembled robotic arm,biped robot or humanoid robot by kids ages 8 and up. Kids will learn STEM and robotics when they happily create a “little friend” all its own by multimode progressive assembly, graphical programming and personalization settings.

what is IronBot

What kids can do with IronBot


IronBot helps kids to learn step by step, from servo-motor to Manipulator assembly, then to Biped Robot and humanoid Robot. It will open the door to Robot World for kids.

what IronBot can assembled


IronBot controls robot by bluetooth. Kids can use our App to control robotic arm to pick up candies, play balloon game or make two biped robots have a race.
When a robot transforms to humanoid form, mobile phone will become the brain of IronBot, then kids will have various audio and visual interaction with IronBot by camera and microphone of cellphone.

pick up candies


Besides having remote control, through our App, kids can easily set robot’s dialogue, action, expression and voice, etc. by Xlink graphical programming. Kids will start to be acquainted with robotics and programming.
*Support Andorid 4.3 and up, iOS 9.0 and up.

Xlink graphical programming UI


Kids can design their own robot’s name, personality, voice and story by personalization setting function. What’s more, they can also making parts for their IronBots personally and create their characteristic IronBots on their own.

IronBot with knight style

Kids can do more with IronBot

IronBot can be a little assistant

Kids can make robots as their little assistant in life. For example, they can let biped robots to help deliver things or even let robots perform a play with kids themselves.

more assembly forms

IronBot kit has many more assembly forms. Together with graphical programming and controller, it helps children to create a unique and personal robot belongs to themselves during continuous learning and creation.

Kids, parents and IronBot